Trained Technicians of the Italian Association of Cooperatives have started the energy audits in three feedstuff plants. The plants are referred to the same cooperative that has different production sites and are part of the 30 companies that will have audited under TESLA Project in Italy.

After this experience, they give us several recommendations about the way of carry out the audits:

1.       It is essential to spend the first times on the site to understand as better the process with its different electrical lines of alimentation (one part of the process can be powere
d by different sources, so a measure can be uncompleted or irrelevant. This in particular happens in old plants).

2.       It is often impossible to take measurements side-engine. Engines are often in not reachable positions, so it is essential to find a good electrical box.

3.       Some steps of the process work only in particular timetables of the day, according with the production necessities (often very early in the morning or late in the night...).

4.       Different kinds of feedstuff (feed for pigs, cows, rabbits,.......) needs different quantities of energy, so it is important to relate the measure to the kind of feed worked by the plant in that moment.

5.       Using of the grid analyzers: It could be interesting to use more than one to complete the measures in a reasonable time (in the biggest feedstuff plant we took about 70 measures in three days of audit...).