On 5th December 2014 was inaugurated, at the presence of Environmental Assessor of Florence Ms. Alessia Bettini, in Agricola Cammelli company, the innovative intervention aimed at energy efficiency and environment safeguard, realized by Innovatec, company of Kinexia Group leader in smart energy services design and creation: the installation of a biomass boiler that could considerably reduce the polluting emission and energy consumption.

Cammelli, historic vegetable agri-business of Tuscany, consumed around 150.000 lt/year of fuel oil, corresponding to gas emission of about 400 t CO2/year. Innovatec intervention will lead to a saving of around 1993 TOE/year. Biomass boiler can in effect used wood production scraps to produced thermal energy, reducing the reliance on fossil fuel, as oil.

In particular has been installed, on a greenhouse area not for cultivation, a thermal power station using wooden biomass (pellet) with a thermal power of 930Kw, together with the  earlier heat system for the greenhouse production.

This kind of system, not only reduce greenhouse gases emissions, but also can allow to the agri-business a direct saving of around 50% of energy costs, to rationalize the consumption thanks to the new technologies and, in the end, to use self-produced biomass with quality certification.


Source: FreshPlaza from www.alternativasostenibile.it