This meeting, organized together with Legacoop Toscana and Coop Dream, our partner in the project, was aimed to present to the audience first of all the Project and some of the results of energy audits, with a particular focus on the realities of Tuscany, just as well the investment opportunities that may be open for farms with the approval of the new Tuscany RDP 2014-2020.

The interventions, in addition to those more technical of Eng. Chiara Chiostrini and dr. Agronomist Andrea Triossi, which showed more closely TESLA project, also included the participation of several key actor related to financial and insurance sector with presentations by representatives of the Unipol bank and Insurance Assicoop.

The debate and interventions have emerged the possibility that the new RDP 2014-2020 Tuscany can offer to agricultural cooperative, in all sectors, especially with regard to innovation. For example, to name one, the Submeasure 4.1 (ex 121) Improved performance and the overall sustainability of farms and rural businesses, which could be a good opportunity for companies that want to make their production systems more efficient, and therefore sustainable In general the Tuscany RDP, as today presented, starting with the priorities of rural development, focuses heavily on issues related to interventions on competitiveness (investments), innovation, conservation and protection of forests and also to fight climate change. All these goals can only be achieved with efficient enterprises, capable to adopt within their plants technologies that involve lower energy consumption, use of renewable resources and low impact on the ecosystem and that, at the same time, are able to generate also a saving in economic terms.

Those arguments expressed, engage perfectly in what is the purpose of the project TESLA.

In conclusion, we hope that the company participating the workshop may have derived great ideas for the near future, and that they can make good and profitable use of the tools available to improve their energy efficiency.