Asean Brown and Bovery (ABB) has shown its engagement to TESLA Project in several ways, the least one trough their participation in Best Practices Collection.

The last friday 29th of November were held by ABB in Madrid one interesting meeting about energy efficiency in industry.. ABB employs an staff of 145.000 people worldwide with a global turnover of 39.800 M€

In this event the main solutions for energy efficiency on industry was presented, the most relevant for TESLA purposes is above highlighted:

1)Cast Coil Dry Type transformers: They largely decrease the Load losses and No-Load Losses. The 5% of the total losses of energy in industry is currently due to transformers

2)Quality of internal distribution of energy. Filter of harmonics and capacitor bank to compensate reactive energy and harmonic deviations.

3)Drives and high efficient engines. ABB estimates around a 30% of potential savings of energy used in engines in industry if drivers will be largely implanted. The 60% of the total industry consumption is from the engine utilization. Moreover ABB has put in the market of the low voltage segment, the new IE4 synchronous reluctance motor. Those could be widely implemented in pumps and fans, enhancing the rate of efficiency up to 6 points up.

4)The utilization of KNX based devices for improve of energy management in offices and buildings and their EMS developments such as ABB Energy Manager.