Within the framework of the Sustainable Energy Week organized by European Commission,


The main objective will be getting  together companies interested in the food sector and in energy efficiency, such as those which have already collaborated in the collection of best practices (ABB, SIEMENS, OMROM, PHILIPS, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, CIRCUTOR, GEA WESTFALIA, PIERALISI, LASIAN, YGNIS, COGEBIO, COPELAND (EMERSON GROUP), FRANCESCA POMPE ENOLOGICHE, GRUPO CIAT, CPC SOLAR, APIPNA and WEG).

We will follow the next agenda


10:00 TESLA. Targets and actions

         Mr. Juan Sagarna.TESLA Project Manager

10:30 MOTORs efficiency in TESLA

         Mr. Abel Ortego. CIRCE. Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption

11:00 Focused processes and energy efficiency

         Mr. Joaquín Fuentes Pila. Polytechnic University of Madrid UPM

11:30 Role of Key Actors in the project

         Mr. Laurent Dupont.Coop de France

12:00 Exchange of information

         All the attendees

 Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information (sagarna@agro-alimentarias.coop, rivera@agro-alimentarias.coop).





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